Appeal from the

Polish Committee for Solidarity with Cuba

 to Cuban friends


Lech Walesa


Statement at Berlin Conference, 25 April, 2007




The world, accustomed to barbarities, is directing its eyes towards Havana only when Fidel Castro’s pressure decreases. Meantime, Cuban jails are filled with people who have a different point of view from the authorities regarding what is beneficial for their country. Thousand of Cubans prefer to risk their lives escaping in a raft through the sea than to remain in the island. At the same time, for many poor people in Latin America that feel injustice, the Cuban system seems to be socially just for them.


We, the Poles, who have the experience of living under a communist regime for 50 years know that the vision of a general equality is a forge. Liberty and development cannot substitute the mobilization against the internal enemy and the avoidance of the real problems of the country.


Fidel Castro is living his last days. There is an opportunity for the return of the democracy. The end of the totalitarian regime is coming. There are concerns about the uncertain future. We understand you and we assure you, Cuban friends, that a distorted capitalism ruled by egoistic groups of interest is not the only alternative for the totalitarian regime. Market economy, liberty and good living conditions in Cuba are possible if you make it happen. The feeling of each Cuban, regardless if he comes from, Santiago, Havana or Miami, depends on you. You will make the dream of the motherland come true.



The historic polish lesson can facilitate the choice of the proper path in change from a totalitarian regime to democracy. A path without bloodshed. A path of no fight between the government and the society. The Cuban society can release its positive energy as Poland could in 1989 when the enemies did sit at one table in order to construct the future. We wish you the same.


We want to assist you, as the world helped Poland in dramatic times. This way we pay the debt for our liberty.


-           Lech Wałęsa

-           Leszek Balcerowicz

-           Władysław Bartoszewski

-           Czesław Bielecki

-           Seweryn Blumsztajn

-           Bogdan Borusewicz

-           Zbigniew Bujak

-           Mirosław Chojecki

-           Izabela Cywińska

-           Tadeusz Fiszbach

-           Jarosław Gugała

-           Prof. Mirosława Grabowska

-           Prof. Marcin Król

-           Krystyna Kurczab – Redlich

-           Prof. Jacek Kurczewski

-           Irena Lasota

-           Marcel Łoziński

-           Bogdan Lis

-           Adam Michnik

-           Stefan  Niesiołowski

-           Marek Antoni Nowicki

-           Janusz Onyszkiewicz

-           Ryszard Schnepf

-           Maciej Stasiński

-           Jose Torres

-           Ewa Wana