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Latin American and European Leaders Make Commitment to Democracy in Cuba On Eve of the Organization of American States General Assembly

2005-06-13 / DDC

On the eve of the XXXV Regular Session of the Organization of American States (OAS) General Assembly, statesmen, intellectuals and prominent members of the community gathered in Ft Lauderdale for the International Forum On Cuba’s Transition To Democracy. As a result of the seminar, the Commitment For Democracy In Cuba was established vowing a comprehensive effort for immediate, democratic changes in Cuba.

Signing members include: Vaclav Havel former president of the Czech Republic, Mart Laar former president of Estonia, Luis Alberto Lacalle former president of Uruguay, Luis Alberto Monge Alvarez former president of Costa Rica, Eduardo Frei former president of Chile, Jaromir Stetina Senator Czech Republic, Cecilia Malmstrom member of EU parliament, Jaime Trobo member of parliament Uruguay, Gabriel Llano member of parliament Argentina, René Bolio vice senator Mexican congress, Alvaro Dubón member of Central American Parliament, Elena Bonner chair of Andrei Sakharov Foundation.

The Commitment For Democracy in Cuba, commits to encourage the countries of the Western Hemisphere and Europe to (1) openly disapprove of the abuses of human rights in Cuba; (2) demand the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners in Cuba; (3) join efforts to promote democracy in Cuba; (4) use their embassies in Cuba to cooperate in giving help and support to those who work for the establishment of democratic values and practices and respect for human rights.

The document stresses the need to help the Cuban people in strengthening the civil society and the civil movement so that through their own efforts and with international solidarity they can one day obtain freedom. The commitment also urges the OAS member states to use the Inter-American Charter as the framework for the integration of Cuba to the Inter-American system.

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