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Day in Support of Democracy and Women in Cuba in Buenos Aires

2005-08-16 / Roisin Joyce

A Day in Support of Democracy and Women in Cuba took place on Friday 5th August and Saturday 6th August in Buenos Aires, Argentina as an expression of support for the women in Cuba in the struggle to implement democracy in Cuba and to defend their human rights. In particular, solidarity was expressed with the “Ladies in White” (Las Damas de Blanco), a group of women who, since the arrest of 75 political prisoners in 2003, have dressed in white and peacefully marched every Sunday in front of the church of Santa Rita in Havana demanding the amnesty of their husbands and sons.

Among participants in the conference there were female activists and known women from around the world, including MPs, journalists and NGO representatives. The event was held under the auspices of the Center for Openness and Development in Latin America and the Argentina office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The event included screening of documentary “Stigmatized by Paradise” about the destinies of different Cuban women and a video greeting from two of the Damas de Blanco which was brought from Cuba by one of the participating MPs from Mexico María Guadalupe Suárez Ponce. On Saturday morning as an expression of hope and solidarity invitees participated in a mess in the church of Santa Rita in Buenos Aires where they prayed for the political prisoners and their families.

Buenos Aires Memorandum (.pdf)

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