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'Ladies in White' nominated for the Sakharov prize

2005-09-12 / Roisin Joyce

On 12th September, the European Parliament's subcommittee on Human Rights received a nomination for the "Ladies in White" for the 2005 Sakharov Prize. The group was nominated by a number of MEPs, including JosÚ Ribeiro e Castro (EPP-ED and ICDC member) and Gerardo Galeote Quecedo (EPP-ED).

Since 1988, in the spirit of Andrei Sakharov, the EP ha awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought to those individuals who have made an important contribution to the fight for human rights in their country.

The "Ladies in white" is a non-political movement of female relatives of the 75 political prisoners arrested in the crackdown of March 2003. They ask for the amnesty of their relatives and draw attention to the treatment of the prisoners, including poor prison conditions, lack of medical treatment and cases of torture.

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