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“You are not alone” say approx. 300 MEPs and 300 MPs in solidarity with the Cuban opposition

2006-03-22 / Roisin Joyce

On 18 March, José Ribeiro e Castro, member of the ICDC and the European Parliament, presented an international appeal of solidarity with the Cuban peaceful opposition at a press conference in Lisbon. The appeal entitled “You are not alone” (“No estais solos”) has been signed by around 300 MEPs and 300 MPs from EU member states.

The aim of the campaign is to demonstrate that despite the ambivalent EU position toward the Castro regime, many politicians support political prisoners and the peaceful opposition inside the island. The appeal is considered the first step in a campaign to provide assistance to Cubans and will be spread among universities, artists, journalists and opinion leaders across Europe. “We support everyone in the peaceful opposition,” said Ribeiro e Castro at the press conference. “The European Parliament gave Oswlado Payá and the Ladies in White the Sacharov prize so they must now force the Cuban regime to allow them to travel to Europe. Without that move, there can be no dialogue.”

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