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Press release of the Secretariat of the ICDC on the current situation in Cuba

2006-08-01 / Nikola Horejs

The Secretariat of the International Committee for Democracy in Cuba (ICDC) warns that the recent changes in leadership of the Cuban communist regime do not signify a substantive transformation of the totalitarian state, and appeals to the international community to persist in its pressure for democratic change.

Past experience with transformations of this sort, such as that which occurred in Central and Eastern Europe, warns us that states who settle for surface changes risk turmoil and the revival of a regime that violates human rights. All democratic nations, the European Union and the United Nations should be prepared to support a peaceful transition to democracy in Cuba until it is achieved.

Founding members of the ICDC, Václav Havel and Madeleine Albright, recently called for support of the democratic opposition in the International Herald Tribune: “The people of Cuba have shown the way to a new feature on the island – where every individual counts and the dignity of every human being is respected. Their voice should be heard.”

Cuban democratic leaders, such as Oswaldo Payá, Martha Betriz Roque, Vladimiro Roca, Elizardo Sanchez, or any of the brave women of the Damas de Blanco movement, could, now more then ever, become victims of the violent regime, which is fearful about its future and continues to hold hundreds of its opponents in prison.

It is of the highest importance that both the international media and the public protect the fate of these Cubans, who are the key hope for non-violent change on the island.

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