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Guillermo Fariñas Hernández receives Reporters without Borders Prize

2006-12-02 / Pauline Boyer

The 2006 Reporters without Borders – Fondation de France Prize was awarded to Guillermo Fariñas Hernández on 12 December, in the “Cyber-dissident” category.

The head of the independent press agency Cubanacán – not allowed to use the Internet to communicate its articles, despite being the biggest on the island – started a hunger strike in February 2006, asking the government for a “free Internet” for Cubans. In critical condition, having lost 15 kilos, Guillermo Fariñas was hospitalized by the authorities as a way of stopping the growing international interest for his action. He refused the state’s offer of “restricted” access to the web, as this would still not provide him with sufficient information to guarantee objective journalism. Ending his seven-month hunger strike on 31 August, he went back to work in Cubanacán. He dedicated his Prize to all Cuban political prisoners, especially the independent journalists who are now imprisoned, and he thanked those who fight for democracy everywhere in the world.

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