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New Issue of CED Bulletin

2007-02-15 /

New Issue of Quarterly Bulletin Cuba-Europe Dialogues was Published by People in Need Foundation

New issue of bulletin Cuba-Europe Dialogues dedicated to relations between Cubans and Europeans was published . This issue of CED looks at Cuban's views and plans regarding transition.

It's important to notice that the past year was very important for Cuban society and here has borne witness to a steady growth in debate on the topic of democratization within Cuba.

The outcome of the project All Cubans was made public last spring and is presented together with other projects in several articles in our analysis. We have also asked scientists and journalists from all around the world to reflect on these plans and contribute with a comparsion. The Cuban state of mind and expectations are depicted by Edward McMillan-Scott, European Parlament Vice-President, who recently visited Cuba.

Second part of bulletin is dedicated to support of NGO Network. Its growing activities and importace are captured by several contributions.

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This project is supported by funds from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic through the Transition Promotion Program.