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Nobel Prize

In June 2002 we launched the campaign to nominate the Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payá Sardinas for the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize, after a proposal made by the Czech President, Vaclav Havel. Since then, and during the time that his nomination lasted, Payá received the support of hundreds of presidents, politicians and intelectuals from America, Europe and Asia. The subsequent nomination of Paya for the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize was again met with extensive international support. The nomination of Payá, and subsequently those of other Cuban activists, has become a permantent project of our organization. With the campaign for Payá, we have not only stated our solidarity with a person that is firmly committed to the fight for Human Rights, but we have also expressed our support for the Varela Project, a petition that includes a referendum aiming to increase political liberty for Cubans.

As a result of the success of previous campaigns, the nomination for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize was extended to include independent journalist and former political prisoner Raúl Rivero, and political prisoner and human rights activist Elias Biscet. This decision was taken so as to extend recognition of those working for human rights in Cuba and to extend international awareness of their activities. In addition to recognizing the work of Mr Payá, Mr Rivero and Mr Biscet, the nomination also demonstrated support for the entire Cuban democratic movement, and helped raise international awareness of the situation in Cuba.

We would like to thank all those that believed in the nominations of Oswaldo Payá, Raúl Rivero and Elias Biscet and extend special thanks to those that made this campaign possible. We are convinced that your support is a strong incentive for internal oppositionists to continue in their fight for liberty and democracy in Cuba.

Tomas Pojar
People In Need

Support for Pay'as Nomination to the Nobel Peace Prize

Note: The positions of those signing below correspond to the date in which they delivered their letter of support; their current position might be different than the stated in this list. All signatures were collected by the People in Need Foundation, Czech Republic; by the Cuban Democratic Directory, USA, and by Francisco De Armas, MCL Puerto Rico.

Václav HavelCzech RepublicPresident
Jorge QuirogaBoliviaFormer President
Zhelyu ZhelevBulgariaFormer President
Eduardo FreiChileFormer President
Patricio AylwinChileFormer President
Rafael Angel Calderon FournierCosta RicaFormer President
Luis Alberto MongeCosta RicaFormer President
Miguel Angel RodriguezCosta RicaFormer President
Andrés PastranaColombiaFormer President
Vinicio CerezoGuatemalaFormer President
Árpád GonczHungaryFormer President
Michal KovácSlovakiaFormer President
Vytautas LandsbergisLithuaniaFormer Chairman of Parliament and Head of State
Stanislau ShushkievicBelarusFormer Chairman of Parliament and Head of State
José María AznarSpainPrime Minister
José Manuel Durao BarrosoPortugalPrime Minister
Mikulás DzurindaSlovakiaPrime Minister
Viktor OrbanHungaryFormer Prime Minister
Mart LaarEstoniaFormer Prime Minister
Philip DimitrovBulgariaFormer Prime Minister
Petr MaresCzech RepublicVice Prime Minister
Madeleine KAlbrightUSAFormer Secretary of State
Petra BuzkováCzech RepublicMinister of Education
Ján CarnogurskySlovakiaMinister of Justice (until September)
Rudolf ChmelSlovakiaMinister of Culture
Miguel Arias CaneteSpainMinister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
Eduardo Zaplana Hernández SoroSpainMinistrer of Labour and Social Affairs
Alfredo Prada PresaSpainFirst Vice President of Senate
María Eugenia Martín MendizabalSpainFirst Secretary of the Upper House of Parliament
Andrés ZaldivarChileMP, Chairman of Upper House of Parliament
Petr PithartCzech RepublicMP, Chairman of Senate
Pavol HrusovskySlovakiaMP, Chairman of Parliament
Rolando LacléCosta RicaMP, Chairman of Parliament
Lubomír ZaorálekCzech RepublicMP, Chairman of Lower House of Parliament
Jan RumlCzech RepublicMP, Vice-Chairman of Senate
Frantisek MikloskoSlovakiaMP, Former Chairman of Parliament
Josef JarabCzech RepublicMP, Chairman of Foreign Relations, Defence and Security Committee (since November )
Michael ZantovskyCzech RepublicMP, Chairman of Foreign Relations, Defence and Security Committee (until November )
Bronislaw GeremekPolandFormer Minister of Foreign Affairs
László NagySlovakiaMP, Chairman of the Human Rights Committee
Irakli BatiashviliGeorgiaMP, Chairman of Defence and Security Committee
Pedro Agramunt Font de MoraSpainMP, Chairman of Institutional Commitee
Angel Carlos Bernáldez RodríguezSpainMP, Chairman of Enviroment Committee
Tomás Pedro Burgos BetetaSpainMP, Chairman of Infrastructure Committee
Agustín Conde BajénSpainMP, Chairman of Labour and Social Affairs Committee
Gabriel Elorriaga FernándezSpainMP, Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee
Luis Manuel Fraga EgusquiarrigueSpainMP, Chairman of Iberoamerican Affairs Committee
José Seguí DíazSpainMP, Chairman of Economy, Bussines and Tourism Committee
María Isabel San Baldomero OchoaSpainMP, Chairwoman of Commiittee of Rights of Women
Juan Van Halen AcedoSpainMP, Chairman of Education Culture and Sport Committee
Victorino Nunez RodríguezSpainMP, Chairman of Home Affairs and Public Administration Committee
Alejandro Munoz Alonso LedoSpainMP, Chairman of Defence Committee
José Macías SantanaSpainMP, Chairman of Agriculture, Fisherie and Food Committee
Rosa López GarnicaSpainMP, Chairwoman of Health and Consumers Committee
Juán Moya SanabriaSpainMP, Chairman of Justice Committee
Sergej KovaljevRussiaMP
Carlos CastellaniArgentinaMP
Fernanda BFerreroArgentinaMP
Guillermo CandiniArgentinaMP
Jorge Milton CapitanichArgentinaMP
Juan Carlos LynchArgentinaMP
Lisandro Mauricio SejasArgentinaMP
Pablo WalterArgentinaMP
Vicente MassotArgentinaMP
Ro DingBurmaMP
Hong Sok HiengCambodiaMP
Hor SopheapCambodiaMP
Hut TryCambodiaMP
Chao PhallyCambodiaMP
Cheam ChanwyCambodiaMP
Chiem HoeurnCambodiaMP
Kimsour DhirithCambodiaMP
Kong KormCambodiaMP
Lim SokunCambodiaMP
Lon PaonCambodiaMP
Meng RitaCambodiaMP
Monh SiyonnCambodiaMP
Ouk MoeurnCambodiaMP
Sam RainsyCambodiaMP
Sam SundoeunCambodiaMP
Sim Kim HimCambodiaMP
Sith YbrahimCambodiaMP
Son ChhayCambodiaMP
Tioulong SaumuraCambodiaMP
Titach SethaCambodiaMP
Vu Bun LongCambodiaMP
Yim SovannCambodiaMP
Carmen GamboaCosta RicaMP
Edgar MohsCosta RicaMP
Federico VargasCosta RicaMP
Francisco Sanchun MoránCosta RicaMP
German RojasCosta RicaMP
Gloria ValerínCosta RicaMP
Gerardo Alberto Gonzáles EsquivelCosta RicaMP
Ligia ZunigaCosta RicaMP
Liliana Salas SalazarCosta RicaMP
Marco Tulio Mora RiveraCosta RicaMP
Mario RedondoCosta RicaMP
Miguel HuezoCosta RicaMP
Olman VargasCosta RicaMP
Ricardoo ToledoCosta RicaMP
Rocía UlloaCosta RicaMP
Jan HadravaCzech RepublicMP
Milan EkertCzech RepublicMP
Ondrej FeberCzech RepublicMP
Vladimír SchovánekCzech RepublicMP
Zuzana RoithováCzech RepublicMP
Anibal SánchezDomRepublicMP
Felipa GómezDomRepublicMP
Agustín Díaz SaraviaEl SalvadorMP
Alfredo Arbizo LelayaEl SalvadorMP
Alfredo EsquivelEl SalvadorMP
Carlos AriaEl SalvadorMP
Carmen Elena Cde Escalon ArenaEl SalvadorMP
DRafael ArévoloEl SalvadorMP
David Humberto TrejoEl SalvadorMP
Eduardo Vázquez Bécker SalgadoEl SalvadorMP
Emilio Guzmán RodríguezEl SalvadorMP
GGallegosEl SalvadorMP
HMauricio AguilarEl SalvadorMP, Parlamento Centroamericano
Horacio RíosEl SalvadorMP
Isabela de MarínEl SalvadorMP
Isolina de MarínEl SalvadorMP
J.EIcahetaEl SalvadorMP
Jesus GrandeEl SalvadorMP
Jorge AMunoz N.El SalvadorMP
Jorge Alberto VillacortaEl SalvadorMP
Juan MBobiros ArenasEl SalvadorMP
Julio MorenoEl SalvadorMP
Mario PonerEl SalvadorMP
Mario TenorioEl SalvadorMP
Mauricio Hernández PérezEl SalvadorMP
Mauricio QuinterosEl SalvadorMP
Nelson EAveluzEl SalvadorMP
OArévaloEl SalvadorMP
Olga EOrtizEl SalvadorMP
Osmín LópezEl SalvadorMP
René Napoleón Aguiluz CarranzaEl SalvadorMP
Rigoberto TriuEl SalvadorMP
Rodrigo Avila A.El SalvadorMP
Tin CalderónEl SalvadorMP
Tomás MejíaEl SalvadorMP
Victoria Rde ArrayaEl SalvadorMP
Walter GuzmánEl SalvadorMP
Wilfredo Iraheja Sanabriz ArenaEl SalvadorMP
Will GómezEl SalvadorMP
William MartínezEl SalvadorMP
Aimar AltosaarEstoniaMP
Andres HerkelEstoniaMP
Eiki NestorEstoniaMP
Enn tartoEstoniaMP
Kadri JäätmaEstoniaMP
Mari-Ann KelamEstoniaMP
Tiit SinissaarEstoniaMP
Toivo JurgensonEstoniaMP
T_nis LukasEstoniaMP
Toomas IlvesEstoniaMP
Trivimi VellisteEstoniaMP
Vootele HansenEstoniaMP
Ada MarshaniaGeorgiaMP
David KoguashviliGeorgiaMP
Giorgi KvirikashviliGeorgiaMP
Givi ShugarovGeorgiaMP
Ioseb CharatischviliGeorgiaMP
Jansungh CharkvianiGeorgiaMP
Kakha ChitaiaGeorgiaMP
Konstantine MgaloblichviliGeorgiaMP
Malkhaz MacharadseGeorgiaMP
Manana GigineishviliGeorgiaMP
Mikheil NaneishviliGeorgiaMP
Nodar AmaglobeliGeorgiaMP
Simon AjiashviliGeorgiaMP
Tamar NinoshviliGeorgiaMP
Valeri KvarasheliaGeorgiaMP
Zaza SioridzeGeorgiaMP
Zurab TkemaladzeGeorgiaMP
Alvaro Manolo Dubón GonzálezGuatemalaMP, Parlamento Centroamericano
Anibal PerezChileMP
Edmundo VilloutaChileMP
Maria Eugenia MellaChileMP
Patricio WalkerChileMP
Danilo MorettiItalyMP
Dorina BianchiItalyMP
Filippo DragoItalyMP
Remo di GiandomenicoItalyMP
Alba LMéndez HerreraMexicoMP
Alejandro Zapata PerogordoMexicoMP
Alfonso Vicente DíazMexicoMP
Alfredo Garza ReynaMexicoMP
Alicia C Ricalde MaganaMexicoMP
Américo ARamírez R.MexicoMP
Angel Eliseo Cano GarzaMexicoMP
Apuleyo Viniegra OrtaMexicoMP
Armando Ramírez A.MexicoMP
Carlos AFloresMexicoMP
Carlos Borunda ZaragozaMexicoMP
Daniel Ramírez Del ValleMexicoMP
Danilo Domínguez VeraMexicoMP
David Puente RodríguezMexicoMP
Diego Alonso Hinojosa AguerrevereMexicoMP
Eduardo Arnal PalomeraMexicoMP
Eduardo Rivera PérezMexicoMP
Erasmo Santos MunozMexicoMP
Escoludo GolittoMexicoMP
Fernando Aguilar JiménezMexicoMP
Fernando Ugalde CardonaMexicoMP
Francisco JOrtiz E.MexicoMP
Francisco Javier Cantu TorresMexicoMP
German Arturo Pellegrine P.MexicoMP
Gina Andres Cruz BlackledgeMexicoMP
Gustavo Ramirez VillarrealMexicoMP
Héctor Taborta CantaresMexicoMP
Heras Stinberg MontesMexicoMP
Hugo Camacho G.MexicoMP
Hugo Salazar MataMexicoMP
Humberto TrevinoMexicoMP
JBenjamín Munoz PérezMexicoMP
JJesus Hurtado F.MexicoMP
Jaime Guerrero VazquezMexicoMP
Jessica Iris Herrera SilvaMexicoMP
Joel Ibarra OrtegónMexicoMP
José Arturo Salinas G.MexicoMP
José Cruz GonzálezMexicoMP
José Humberto SánchezMexicoMP
José TLozano PardinasMexicoMP
Juan Carlos Ruiz GarcíaMexicoMP
Juan de la Cruz Alberto CanoMexicoMP
Lionel Funes DíazMexicoMP
Luis Pasos de la TorreMexicoMP
Magdalena Yuveu PazmanMexicoMP
Manuel Castro y Del ValleMexicoMP
Manuel Minjares JiménezMexicoMP
Manuel Narvaér NarvánMexicoMP
Marcos Antonio AdameMexicoMP
María Cruz Martínez ColuMexicoMP
Mario Reyes QuirósMexicoMP
Máximo Soto GómezMexicoMP
Miguel Gutiérrez MachadoMexicoMP
Neli CamposMexicoMP
Néstor Villarreal CastroMexicoMP
Nylali SalvadorMexicoMP
Raul Gracia GuzmánMexicoMP
Ricardo Villarreal BarbarínMexicoMP
Rigoberto Romero AcevesMexicoMP
Rodolfo Cavazos AguirreMexicoMP
Sergio García SepulvedaMexicoMP
Silvia López EscoppiéMexicoMP
Tarcisio Navarrete M.MexicoMP
Tomás Ríos BernalMexicoMP
Veronica Sada PerezMexicoMP
Enrique Priego OropezaMéxicoMP
Efim ZubcuMoldovaMP
Eugeniu GarlaMoldovaMP
Iurie RoscaMoldovaMP, Chairman of the Christian Democratic People's Party
Riorita PaterauMoldovaMP
Stefan SecareanuMoldovaMP
Valentin ChilatMoldovaMP
Viorel PrisacaruMoldovaMP
Vlad CubreacovMoldovaMP
Gerrit ZalmNetherlandsMP
J.JAm Van GennipNetherlandsMP
Oscar Martínez CamposNicaraguaMP, Parlamento Centroamericano
Camilo BrenesPanamaMP, Parlamento Centroamericano
Adam BielaPolandMP
Anna KurskaPolandMP
Dorota SimonidesPolandMP
Edmund WittbrodtPolandMP
Franciszek Bachleda-KsiedzularzPolandMP
Jan SzafraniecPolandMP
Janina SagatowskaPolandMP
Krzysztof PiesiewiczPolandMP
Mieczyslaw JanowskiPolandMP
Teresa LiszczPolandMP
Zbigniew ReligaPolandMP
Zbigniew RomaszewskiPolandMP
Jurij RybakovRussiaMP
Alojz PridalSlovakiaMP
Andrej HajdukSlovakiaMP
Arpád Duka-ZólyomiSlovakiaMP
Béla BugárSlovakiaMP
Dusan CaplovicSlovakiaMP
Edit BauerSlovakiaMP
Eva CernáSlovakiaMP
Gábor GálSlovakiaMP
Guyla BárdosSlovakiaMP
Imrich BéresSlovakiaMP
Irena BelohorskáSlovakiaMP
István HarnaSlovakiaMP
Iván FarkasSlovakiaMP
Jozef HurbanSlovakiaMP
Jozef MiklusciakSlovakiaMP
Jozef MikusSlovakiaMP
Jozef SimkoSlovakiaMP
Julius BrockaSlovakiaMP
Klára SárkozySlovakiaMP
László NagySlovakiaMP
Libusa MartincekováSlovakiaMP
Mária DemeterováSlovakiaMP
Mária MajdováSlovakiaMP
Mária SabolováSlovakiaMP
Miklós DuraySlovakiaMP
Milan HortSlovakiaMP
Pavol AbrhanSlovakiaMP
Pavol MinárikSlovakiaMP
Peter BódySlovakiaMP
Peter MuránskySlovakiaMP
Richárd HamerlikSlovakiaMP
Robert KalinákSlovakiaMP
Stanislav JanisSlovakiaMP
Stanislav SkodaSlovakiaMP
Tibor TóthSlovakiaMP
Tomás GalbavySlovakiaMP
Zsolt KomlósySlovakiaMP
Zuzana MartinákováSlovakiaMP
Zuzana PlhákováSlovakiaMP
Janez JansaSloveniaMP, President of The Social Democratic Party of Slovenia
Adolfo Abejón OrtegaSpainMP
Alberto Fernández DíazSpainMP
Alberto Terán MolledaSpainMP
Alejandro Encinas CasillasSpainMP
Amador Vázquez VázquezSpainMP
Ana Isabel Lasheras MeavillaSpainMP
Antolín Sanz PérezSpainMP
Antonia Ruipérez RuizSpainMP
Ascensión Pastor ParresSpainMP
Atanasio Ballesteros MorcilloSpainMP
Belén María Do Campo PineiroSpainMP
Carlos Benet CaneteSpainMP
Carlos Daniel Murria ClimentSpainMP
Carlos Rojo MartínezSpainMP
Carmen Alvarez Arenas CisnerosSpainMP
Carmen Primo AlbertSpainMP
César Ajá MarinoSpainMP
César Antonio Rico RuizSpainMP
César José Mera RodríguezSpainMP
Clemente Sanz BlancoSpainMP
Conrado Escobar de las HerasSpainMP
Cristina Tejedor UtrillaSpainMP
Damián Caneda MoralesSpainMP
Diego Ladislao Castell CampesinoSpainMP
Eduardo Gamero MirSpainMP
Elías Arribas AragonésSpainMP
Elvira Velasco MorilloSpainMP
Emilio Del Río SanzSpainMP
Enruique Fajarnés RibasSpainMP
Esperanza Aguirre Gil de BiedmaSpainMP
Esteban González PonsSpainMP
Esther Vallejo De MiguelSpainMP
Eva Navarro GonzálezSpainMP
Felix Colsa BuenoSpainMP
Fernando Carlos Rodríguez PérezSpainMP
Fernando Martín MinguijónSpainMP
Francisco Cacharro PardoSpainMP
Francisco Gil Ortega RincónSpainMP
Francisco Granero GranadosSpainMP
Gabriel Rodado FernándezSpainMP
Gonzalo Quiroga ChurrucaSpainMP
Isidro Manuel Martínez OblancaSpainMP
Javier Sopena VelascoSpainMP
Jesus Fernández LópezSpainMP
Jesus Manueco AlonsoSpainMP
Jesus Selulveda RecioSpainMP
Jesus Vicente Sánchez CuadradoSpainMP
Joaquín Villanova RuedaSpainMP
Jorge Bermello FernándezSpainMP
José Angel Azuara CarodSpainMP
José Blas Fernández SánchezSpainMP
José Fernández OtanoSpainMP
José Francisco Bahamonde SalazarSpainMP
José Gabriel Díaz BerbelSpainMP
José HerreraSpainMP
José Ignacio Senao GómezSpainMP
José Iribas Sánchez de BoadoSpainMP
José Luis Escutia DottiSpainMP
José Luis Morales MonteroSpainMP
José Luis Vallines DíazSpainMP
José Manuel Barquero VázquezSpainMP
José Manuel Cores TourísSpainMP
José Manuel García BallesteroSpainMP
José Manuel Ruiz RiveroSpainMP
José María Barahona HortelanoSpainMP
José María Camilleri HernándezSpainMP
José Ramón Bustillo Navia-OsorioSpainMP
Juán Antonio García Talavera CasanasSpainMP
Juan Carlos Lagares FloresSpainMP
Juan Emilio Antón RuedaSpainMP
Juan José Imbroda OrtizSpainMP
Juan Manuel Campos AnsóSpainMP
Juan Manuel Corral PérezSpainMP
Juan Pablo Sánchez Sánchez-SecoSpainMP
Juana Borrego IzquierdoSpainMP
Lucía Delgado GarcíaSpainMP
Luis Campoy ZuecoSpainMP
Manuel Arqueros OrozcoSpainMP
Manuel María Uriarte ZuluetaSpainMP
Manuel Prado LópezSpainMP
María Angeles Font BonmatíSpainMP
María Angeles Oros LorenteSpainMP
María Australia Navarro de PazSpainMP
María Auxiliadora Correa ZamoraSpainMP
María Belén Fernández-Delgado y CerdaSpainMP
María Carmen Pardo RagaSpainMP
María Cristina Klimowitz WaldmannSpainMP
María Cruz Rodríguez SaldanaSpainMP
María del Carmen González RodríguezSpainMP
María del Mar Aguero RuanoSpainMP
María del Mar González ParedaSpainMP
María del Mar Simonelli MunozSpainMP
María del Pilar Jurado de MiguelSpainMP
María Gema Díaz VillegasSpainMP
María Inmaculada de Espana MoyaSpainMP
María Jesus Bonilla DomínguezSpainMP
María José Mora DevisSpainMP
María José Solana BarrasSpainMP
María Mercedes Coloma PesqueraSpainMP
María Remedios Gámez MataSpainMP
María Rosa Vindel LópezSpainMP
María Teófila Martínez SáizSpainMP
María Teresa Novillo MorenoSpainMP
Mario Amilivia GonzálezSpainMP
Miguel Barceló PérezSpainMP
Miguel Ramón Pampín RuaSpainMP
Míriam Blasco SotoSpainMP
Nicolás Fernández CucurullSpainMP
Oscar Llanos VeraSpainMP
Pedro Antonio Hernández EscorialSpainMP
Pedro José Pérez RuizSpainMP
Pedro Soto GarcíaSpainMP
Pilar Aresti Victoria de LeceaSpainMP
Pio García Escudero MárquezSpainMP
Ramón Palacios RubioSpainMP
Ramón Rodríguez AresSpainMP
Ricardo Clemente Donate CatalánSpainMP
Ricardo Espuela OrgazSpainMP
Rodolfo Ainsa EscartínSpainMP
Rogelio Pardo GabaldónSpainMP
Rosa María Fernández PachecoSpainMP
Rosa María Posada ChapadoSpainMP
Sebastián Contín PellicerSpainMP
Sixto González GarcíaSpainMP
Teresa Garía AvilésSpainMP
Vicente Liliano Ferrer RosellóSpainMP
Vicente Tirado OchoaSpainMP
Victor Manuel Vázquez PortomeneSpainMP
Visitación Pérez VegaSpainMP
Alf SvenssonSwedenMP
Lars LeijonborgSwedenMP, President of Liberal Party
Bi-khim HsiaoTaiwanMP
Gustavo BorsariUruguayMP
Oscar AmorínUruguayMP
Ronald PaísUruguayMP
Rubén DíazUruguayMP
Jorge Batlle IbánezUruguayPresident
Luis Hierro LópezUruguayVice President
Luis Alberto LacalleUruguayFormer President
José María SanguinettiUruguayFormer President
Rafael AddiegoUruguayFormer President
Hector Gros EspielUruguayFormer Minister of Foreign Affairs
Leonardo GuzmánUruguayMinister of Education
Carlos CatUruguayFormer Minister of Work
Jaime Mario TroboUruguayFormer Minister of Sports

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