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The International Committee for Democracy
in Cuba - ICDC

To mark the last brutal crackdown on the opposition by the oppressive regime of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in March 2003, the International Committee for Democracy in Cuba (ICDC) was founded in September 2003 by prominent international statesmen and intellectuals to assist those struggling for democracy in Cuba. The ICDC seeks to show political solidarity with fellow democracy activists in Cuba and channel economic support to Cuba’s democratic opposition.

At the Towards Democracy in Cuba conference held in July 2003 in Madrid, Vaclav Havel encouraged nations to reach out to those working to bring freedom to Cuba. In response, the ICDC plans to assist human rights initiatives in Cuba and to alter the approach of European and western hemisphere countries towards Castro’s government.

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ICDC Secretariat
People in Need
Sokolska 18
120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic

phone: +420 226 200 462
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e-mail: icdc@peopleinneed.cz
e-mail: kristina.prunerova@peopleinneed.cz