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» ICDC: International Committee for Democracy in Cuba

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ICDC Goals

  • The promotion of activities to support Cuban prisoners of conscience and their families;
  • Support and promotion of the Varela Project and the Independent Libraries Movement;
  • Providing various forms of support to independent journalists, independent civil society activists and peaceful democratic opposition inside Cuba;
  • The formation of an international network of non-governmental organizations that have expressed solidarity with democracy in Cuba;
  • The creation of an international network of parliamentarians in support of democracy in Cuba;
  • The establishment of an international commission of experts that will pool resources from the transition experiences in Europe and Latin America as a means of helping the Cuban people prepare themselves for their own transition to democracy;
  • The sensitization of European and Latin American public opinion to the topic of Cuba;
  • To raise international awareness of the real situation in Cuba to politicians and decision makers in order to get them to reconsider current policies on Cuba and to modify them based on the evidence and on the experience from other totalitarian regimes and transitions to democracy

ICDC Activities

  • The nomination of Cuban activists for the Nobel Peace Prize – Oswaldo Payá in 2003 and 2004 and Oswaldo Payá, Raúl Rivero and Elias Biscet in 2005;
  • On going continuous pressure on the Cuban regime for the release of political prisoners and the opening of dialogue between the regime and the opposition;
  • The issuing of public statements analyzing events that affect Cuba from a critical perspective;
  • The channeling of funds and information to democratic activists who struggle inside Cuba;
  • The organization of trips of parliamentarians and journalists to meet representatives of the Cuban opposition;
  • The organization of seminars on the Cuban situation;
  • The uniting politicians and civil society representative in support of democracy in Cuba and building a consensus about what steps and actions should be taken to bring about these changes peacefully.

This project is supported by funds from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic through the Transition Promotion Program.