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ICDC Secretariat

The secretariat of the International Committee for Democracy in Cuba is provided by People in Need, which is a Czech nonprofit, non-governmental organization whose mission statement is to inspire a largeness of spirit in Czech society by helping others in need and by promoting democratic freedoms for all. People in Need is a major advocate of democratic inclusion both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and in its twelve years of existence, has administered over fifty-five million dolars in thirty-three countries world wide.
In recognition of its achievements, People in Need received the Czech Foreign Ministryís Gratias Agit Award in 1997 for outstanding contributions to the Czech Republicís image abroad. In 1998 the United States and the European Union granted the Democracy and Civil Society Award to People in Need, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Marshall Plan. Former Czech President VŠclav Havel, a long-term partner of People in Need, has also recognized the organizationís work in the field of human rights.

To find more general information about People in Need, please go to www.peopleinneed.cz.

To find out more about People in Needís Cuba Program, please refer to the PIN Cuba Program section.

ICDC Secretariat
People in Need
Sokolska 18
120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic

phone: +420 226 469
fax: +420 226 200 401
e-mail: icdc@peopleinneed.cz