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Summit of the ICDC in Prague

The ICDC Summit took place on the 17-19 September 2004 in the Czech Senate, Prague, Czech Republic. The conference was held under the auspices of the Foreign Ministry and was organized by the People in Need Organization.

Former heads of state, current ministers and representatives from the European Union and Latin America, leaders from international and regional organizations, intellectuals, academics, human rights activists and members of non governmental organizations, members of parliaments from Europe and Latin America, and representatives of the Cuban opposition all came together to discuss how best to support the struggle for democratic change in Cuba. Participants included representaitves from the full range of the ideological spectrum, among them social democrats, Christian democrats, liberals and conservatives.

The enthusiasm with which the summit was met illustrates the growing global will to see peaceful and democratic reforms take root in Cuba. Participants analyzed the present-day situation on the island, shared their experiences of transition and formulated common objectives for the future. The Summit also served to draw attention to the fate of the political prisoners in Cuba. The summit concluded with the presentation of the Prague Memorandum.