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Luis Alberto Lacalle in Miami to present the Pedro Boitel Award

2005-04-04 / Roisin Joyce

Former President of Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacalle, traveled to Miami on April 4 to present the Pedro Luis Boitel Liberty Award to the Ladies in White, a non-political movement of the wives and mothers of the 75 political prisoners arrested in 2003. The Ladies in White fight for the amnesty of their sons and husbands and for better conditions in prisons through peaceful protest and promoting international awareness.

The Pedro Luis Boitel Award is an annual award presented to a person or group in the Cuban civic movement on behalf of an international network for human rights as an offer of solidarity with the Cuban people for their struggle towards freedom. It has been awarded since the year 2001 to: Juan Carlos González Leiva (2001), Angel Moya Acosta (2002), Roberto De Miranda (2003) and Bertha Antúnez Pernet (2004).

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