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ICDC members nominate Oswaldo Paya for the Robert F Kennedy Award

2006-07-18 / Roisin Joyce

In July, members of the ICDC nominated Oswaldo Paya for the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Human Rights Award. ICDC members feel that the projects of Oswaldo Paya, in particular the Varela Project and the current Todos Cubanos project, represent Oswaldo Paya's life as an inspiration for all those working towards a world in which the freedom of religious expression and political choice is possible. Oswaldo Paya’s adult life has been a trial of humiliation and oppression at the hands of the Cuban regime and yet Oswaldo Paya has remained true to his democratic ideals and his deep faith.


The Robert F. Kennedy Memorial is dedicated to advancing the human rights movement through providing innovative support to courageous human rights defenders around the world. The memorial also supports investigative journalists and authors who bring light to injustice and encourage the human rights movement through the RFK Book and Journalism Awards.

The nomination was supported by the following ICDC members: Tatiana Yankelevich and Elena Bonner (former Soviet dissidents and daugther and wife of the 1975 Nobel Peace prize laureate Andrei Sakharov); Philip Dimitrov (former Prime Minister of Bulgaria); Mart Laar (former Prime Minister of Estonia); Andre Glucksman (French philosopher, writer and journalist) ; Milan Kučan (first President of Slovenia) and Karel Schwarzenberg (Czech Senator and former President of the International Helsinki Committee for Human Rights).

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