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ICDC members release declaration

2006-09-12 / Roisin Joyce

ICDC members today released a declaration concerning the situation on the island and the need for continued pressure on the regime from the international community. This is considered vital as the handover of power does not represent a significant transformation of the totalitarian regime.

The declaration was an appeal to democratic societies, the Organization of American States (OAS), the European Union ( EU ) and the United Nations ( UN ) to maintain pressure on the island’s authorities in order to ensure democratic transition takes place. The experience of transformation from totalitarian states to democracies, especially in Eastern Europe, has demonstrated that if a country is content with only cosmetic changes, they risk violence, social ills and the maintenance of a regime that systematically denies human rights.

The declaration was signed by the following ICDC members: Luis Alberto Monge Alvarez (former president, Costa Rica); Armando Calderón Sol (former president, El Salvador); Violeta Barrios de Chamorro (former president, Nicaragua) and Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera (former president, Uruguay). They were joined in the declaration by Lourdes Flores Nano (former presidential candidate, Perú); Otto Guevara Guth (former presidential candidate, Costa Rica); Ricardo Toledo Carranza (former presidential candidate, Costa Rica)
and José Manuel Echandi Meza (former presidential candidate and Defender of the Citizens of Costa Rica).

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