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Conference of the Lech Walesa Institute

2006-12-15 / Lech Walesa Institute

Safeguarding the message of Solidarnosc movement and the Polish experience in the fight for freedom, democracy and transformation, the Lech Walesa Institute initiated the program “Polish solidarity with Cuba” that aims at showing solidarity with the Cuban democracy activists and at providing them with the active support from the Polish side.

The first public event organized in the frame of the project took place in Warsaw on December 11, 2006. The conference “From Solidarity to Democracy: Can Cuba Achieve Freedom?” hosted by President Lech Walesa gathered eminent figures from the political and cultural scenes from Poland as well as from abroad.
In the context of the recent occurrences in the island the participants focused on the topic of a possible future of Cuba after the departure of Fidel Castro. Although Cuban pro-democracy activists could not attend, they sent letters to the conference participants.
The conference agenda and the texts of the letters available on the webpage www.solidarnizkuba.pl

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This project is supported by funds from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic through the Transition Promotion Program.