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Vienna 2006

Name: Press conference in Vienna
Author: Roisin Joyce
Description: ICDC members Karel Schwarzenberg and Arnold Vaatz, Benoit Hervieu (Reporters without Borders) and Zoe Valdes (far left) speak at the press conference in the Press Club Concordia, Vienna.

Commemoration of March 18 in 2006

Name: Mass for political prisoners in the Church of St Havel.
Author: Lubos Kotek
Description: Cyril Svoboda, minister of foreign affairs and Petr Bratsky, MP, take part in a mass for the political prisoners arrested in Cuba in 2003.

Events of partners on 17th March

Name: Germany-Frankfurt-ISHR
Author: ISHR
Description: A demonstration took place in Frankfurt outside the main Cuban tourism centre on the 18th March.

Conference in Tallinn, October 13-14, 2005

Name: Conference in Tallinn, October 13-14, 2005
Author: PIN
Description: Czech Ambassador Miloš Lexa at the Opening of the Photo Exhibition

Meeting of youth leaders in Mexico

Name: Meeting of youth leaders in Mexico
Author: CADAL
Description: Press conference before the opening of the event, with the participation of the former president of Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacalle, and many youth leaders from Latin America.

EPP-ED and ALDE study day in Brussels, Belgium

Name: EPP-ED and ALDE study day in Brussels, Belgium
Description: Jose Ribeiro e Castro, Portuguese MEP and member of the ICDC, on the panel during the study day.

A day in Support of Democracy and the women of Cuba

Name: Day of Support, Buenos Aires
Author: Hernan Alberro
Description: Speakers respond to the audience(from left to right): Veronica Scarpatti, daugther-in-law of Hilda Molina, Maria a Lima, Directorio Democrativo Cubano, and Blanca González, activist and wife of former political prisoner and independent journalist Raul Rivero.

Cuba Forum in Fort Lauderdale

Name: Forum on Cuba
Author: DDC
Description: Closing ceremony of the Forum on Cuba held in Fort Lauderdale on the eve of the opening session of the General Assembly of the OAS. Jaime Suchlicki, from the University of Miami speaks to the participants and hosts.

It is our problem too

Name: ANTONIO DÍAZ SÁNCHEZ, sentenced to twenty years in prison.
Author: Alexander Polo
Description: Gisela Sánchez Verdecia, wife. "I’ll never forget it. The whole street was full of policemen. Eight of them barged into our flat, and searched our home for seven hours".

Demonstration in front of the Cuban Embassy

Name: Demonstration in front of the Cuban Embassy in Prague
Author: PIN
Description: People in Need organizes a public protest on September 18, 2003 in front of the Cuban Embassy in Prague in support of 75 Cuban political prisoners detained in Cuba.

Symbolic Jail Cell in Wenceslas Square, March 2005

Name: Symbolic Jail
Author: PIN
Description: Petr Pithart, President of the Czech Senate, imprisoned in the People in Need symbolic jail cell elected in protest of the arrest of 75 political prisoners.

Prague Summit

Name: Prague Summit
Author: Lubos Kotek
Description: Julia Pou, MP Uruguay, and Petr Bratsky, MP Czech Republic, during the meeting of parliamentarians at the ICDC Summit.

Raul Rivero in Prague

Name: Vaclav Havel and Raul Rivero
Author: PIN
Description: Former Czech President, Vaclav Havel, speaking with the Cuban writer Raul Rivero during his visit to the Czech Republic.

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