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Screening of the documentary "Cuba Libre" in Brussels

2007-06-06 /

The Permanent representation of the Czech republic to the EU in Brussels and People in Need organization have the pleasure of inviting you to a screening of documentary „Cuba Libre: Your Greatest Desire“ followed by discussion with former Cuban political prisoner Osvaldo Alfonso
Valdes. Valdes was imprisoned in 2003 during the large crackdown on Cuba democratic opposition. He was released on parole after a year and managed to emigrate to Sweden where he lives at present and keeps supporting the Cuban independent civil society within the Swedish international Liberal Center. Representative of People in Need organization Nikola Horejš will be present at the discussion to talk about projects in support of the Cuban independent civil society done by European non-governmental organizations.

The documentary is in Spanish with English subtitles,discussion will be interpreted into English.
RSVP: czechrep.press@mzv.cz

JUNE 7, 2007, 6:30 PM

Cuba Libre (meaning „Free Cuba“) is the name of a popular Cuban drink. It was also the slogan of the revolution that swept Fidel Castro to power in 1959. The revolution became a symbol of a better future and the desire of Cubans for freedom, justice and an end to oppression. Fidel Castro, however, built a totalitarian regime on the back of this slogan which denies Cubans their basic rights and makes them slaves of the communist nomenklatura. Despite the risk of persecution, the director has painted a picture of contemporary totalitarian Cuba, which exposes the reality that lies behind the romantic notions of tourists. Oswaldo Payá Sardinas - an important dissident and the founder of the opposition Christian Liberation Movement - becomes his guide. Payá also describes the struggle of his movement for democratic change in Cuba, which takes the form of a petition called Proyecto Varela. This is a document that more than 14,000 people have signed to demand free elections and other reforms, which would bring Cubans the „Cuba Libre“ they dreamed of before the revolution. This documentary comprises an
impressive mosaic portraying a country full of contradictions from many angles.

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