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Press conference and panel discussion with ICDC members in Vienna

2006-05-08 / Kristina Prunerová

The secretariat of the International Committee for Democracy in Cuba (ICDC) held a press conference followed by a panel discussion with the topic: “Democracy in Cuba – A Concern for EU-LAC Relations?” in Vienna, Austria on May 10, 2006. During the press conference, held at the Press Club Concordia, Vienna, ICDC member and Czech senator Karel Schwarzenberg and ICDC member and German MP Arnold Vaatz presented the ICDC 'Vienna Memorandum' to Austian and international press. At the panel discussion, which took place at the Czech Centre, Vienna, Mr. Vaatz and Mr. Schwarzenberg together with Franz Glaser (MP, Austria), Benoit Hervieu (Reporters without Borders) and Zoe Valdes (Cuban writer in exile) discussed the present human rights situation in Cuba and EU and LAC relations with Cuba.

The ICDC declaration entitled “Memorandum of Vienna” points out last year’s outbreak of repression against independent civil society in Cuba (according to international monitoring organizations) and demands EU member states reconsider their approach during the revision of the EU Common position towards Cuba. It also questions Cuba’s presence on the new Human Rights Council of the United Nations. It calls on European and Latin American states with embassies in Havana to keep them open to civil society. The memorandum was supported by other ICDC members including former president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel; former head of state in Lithuania Vytautas Landsbergis; former prime minister of Estonia Mart Laar and others. For full text of the declaration and the signatories click here. 


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