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New issue of Cuba-Europe Dialogues analyses support to independent civic society

2006-10-17 / Pauline Boyer

People in Need has published a new issue of its quarterly bulletin Cuba-Europe Dialogues which provides a forum for Europeans supporting civil society and defending human rights on the island.

This special issue focuses on the development of common European mid-term strategies towards Cuba and presents suggestions from European NGOs for its construction in the form of case studies and a policy paper. This is complemented by the background analysis and opinions of leading European and Cuban democrats. The articles build upon an important lesson from past transitions: that helping an independent civil society is decisive for peaceful and truly democratic change.
The policy paper included in this bulletin was supported by fifteen European NGOs: Asociación Espanola Cuba en Transición (Spain), Christian Democratic International Centre (Sweden), Christian Solidarity Worldwide (UK), Cuba Futuro (Netherlands), Freedom House (Hungary), Fundación Hispano Cubana (Spain), Iberoamerican Association for Freedom (Spain), International Society for Human Rights (Germany), Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany), Lech Walesa Institute (Poland), People in Need (Czech Republic), People in Peril (Slovakia), PONTES (Czech Republic), Pontis Foundation (Slovakia) and the Swedish International Liberal Center (Sweden).

The publication can be obtained from People in Need in Prague or downloaded in Spanish and English.

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